vietnam culture customs
vietnam culture customs
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Culture and Customs in Vietnam

Anyone going to Vietnam would be wise to bone up on some of the unique customs and superstitions of the country, lest they cause confusion, misunderstandings, hard-feelings, or loss of friendship. The old saying, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" cannot be applied to the letter in Vietnam, but it is still very important that we respect certain customs and superstitions of the people.

Many Vietnamese having extensive contact with foreigners have begun to understand foreigner ways and have even adopted some of them for their own use. However, there are thousands of ordinary folk whose customs have not changed in generations. This chapter is about those people.

 Meet & Great in Vietnam
meet & greet Vietnamese What you should do when meeting Vietnamese at the first time? These are some general notes which help you to be polite with Vietnamese culture and people.

 Marriage in Vietnam
marriage in vietnam In Vietnam today, there are two distinct groupings as far as the important rite of marriage is concerned. One group is the more modern, who cling to Western innovations and desire similar weddings. The following section will concern itself with the second group and its traditional rites of engagement and marriage which are highly regarded and practiced in Vietnam. read more >>

 The Vietnamese Ao Dai
vietnamese ao dai The Ao Dai is the most recognizable traditional dress seen in Vietnam, and though western style clothes are popular, this beautifully styled outfit is still actively worn throughout the country during Tet, at work, to weddings, and other national celebrations. read more >>

 Typical Vietnamese Foods
vietnamese food Vietnamese food is quite unlike any other food in Southeast Asia. Itís even quite different from China. Overall itís a blend of Malay, Indian, French and influences and incorporates baguettes and pate from France; and curries and chilies from India. read more >>

 Vietnamese Handicraft Villages
vietnamese handicraft villages For centuries hundreds of villages all over Vietnam have produced special crafts and products that are used for Tet (Vietnamese New Year) celebrations and other holidays. Sometimes the production of these beautiful objects can absorb the attention of everyone in the village. read more >>

 Vietnam's Former Battlefields
vietnamese former battlefields It has been nearly 3 decades since the American War ended in Vietnam, and 5 decades since the war ended with the French. Though Vietnam is rapidly developing into a major economic power in South East Asia, many of the historic battlefields and war vestiges can still be visited. read more >>

 Vietnamese & learning Vietnamese
learn vietnamese Vietnamese and an useful self-study course in seven days for communicating when you are in need and to make friends along the way you travel. read more >>

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